Sun. Apr 11th, 2021

New 9mobile activation code for 2GB

9mobile Nigeria has released yet another activation code to get 1GB/2GB worth of free data for browsing and streaming in celebration of this Christmas season.

As disclosed above this new plan only works for a while, once this season is over the plan will be closed.

This plan has no limitations it can be used for browsing,downloading,streaming of videos and social media(Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp)

This has been phrased into different plans which are:

  1. Daily plans
  2. Weekly plans
  3. Monthly plans

         Daily plans 
For daily plans you have the 1GB data + free access to social media that is valid for 1 day. The cost of the plan is N300

Also There is also the 2GB data+ free access to social media sites which is valid for 3 days and cost N500.

      Weakly Plans

This weekly plan cost N500 and you get 1GB data + free social, valid for 7 days. There is also a 7GB data plan + free social which is valid for 7 days and cost N1,500.

         Monthly Plans 
This monthly plan cost N500 for 15G which will be valid until 30 days of activation.

    How to Activate this plan 
To active this plan,follow the procedures below:

  1. Get a 3G/4G cell phone
  2. Dial *200*3*1#.
  3. Quickly chose a plan that suits you
  4. Confirm and start enjoying.
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