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Approved Catchment Areas In FUOYE For 2021

Catchment Areas in FUOYE

A lot of people might have heard of catchment Areas been used for Admission and since then they have been curious about the whole thing.

Don’t be foolish enough to believe anyone or media that tells you that catchment areas has been abolished in Nigeria, catchment area is still been used in most universities for Admission, and federal University of Oyo ekiti is one of them.

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Without wasting much time let begin by explaining what catchment areas is for candidates who don’t really know what this is all about.

What are catchment areas in FUOYE

From the world catchment areas, we could easily tell that this are selected areas that are given more privileges or that are been favoured.

With this Little knowledge you can easily tell that it’s pretty important in Admission processing and this would lead to the next question being frequently asked.

What are the importance of catchment areas in FUOYE ?

The importance of catchment areas can’t be overemphasized, that most times it brings Admission to your door step, don’t get this twisted.

For instance cutoff marks are been reduced for those being listed under the catchment areas, and slots for those under catchment areas are greater.

So let proceed with listing out the approved list of catchment areas in FUOYE.

Approved list of catchment areas for FUOYE ( Federal University of oyo ekiti)

Catchment Areas in FUOYE

  • Ekiti State.
  • Ondo State.
  • Osun state.
  • Oyo State
  • ogun state.
  • Lagos State.

Important notice on catchment areas

If you fail to reach the required cut off points for Admission, the federal university of Oyo ekiti won’t admit you even if you are under catchment areas, FUOYE is a school with standards there Admission is on merit.

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Furthermore, if you have any enquires regarding the current Catchment Areas in FUOYE make use of the comment section below.



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