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List Of Catchment Areas In Unizik For 2021

List of catchment areas in unizik

Unizik has been allocating Admission using catchment areas in time past, on this post we are going to list out an updated list of catchment areas in unizik for 2021.

Table of content 

  1. What are catchment areas?
  2. List of catchment areas
  3. What Benefits are attached to them? 

What are catchment areas?

Catchment areas are areas been  favoured by an institution when issuing admission.

What do I mean by this,some places or states are been favoured than the other when it comes in time of offering admission. The sole aim of adopting this method is to ensure that the main settlers get admitted more than others.

You can’t go to another man’s land and dominate them.
They ensure that the indigenous settlers get admitted.

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On this article am going to show you the update list of catchment areas in unizik.
Your are to read this article to the end for vital information.

Updated List of catchment areas in unizik

  • Abia State.
  • Anambra State.
  • Enugu State.
  • Ebonyi State.
  • Imo State.

What are the Advantage of catchment areas in unizik?

There are no other privileges attached to them other than them being favoured  in admission.
How do they get favoured? this is the most frequent question been asked.
Unlike other institutions That are been assisted when they couldn’t meet the cut off  points(with little difference) .
But in unizik there are no other help allocated to them other than been picked in the face of competition where so many did well,  they will now have to consider the catchment areas. 
catchment areas is not applicable if you couldn’t meet with the requirements. 
Lastly if you have further questions concerning the list of catchment areas for unizik you may consider using the comment section.


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