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Updated List Of Catchment Areas In Unilorin For 2021

Updated list of catchment areas In unilorin

If you aim is to know if the university of ilorin uses catchment areas for Admission, then you are in the right place also yes indeed the university makes use of catchment areas in Admission processing most times but to be plan, unilorin is an old institution with good standards and reputation so they are really strick and truthfully in Admission processing.

Updated list of catchment areas In unilorin

Although the fact that catchment areas and ELDS can’t be overlooked in any institution is there, therefore you should continue reading to check if your State is under unilorin catchment areas.

Table of content 

  • What are catchment area? 
  • What impact does it have on admission. 
What are catchment areas in unilorin?
Catchment areas are set of places or states been favoured more in terms of distributing admission.
This ideal was initiated with the aim of admitting there indigenous settlers most.

Unilorin has been know across the country and outside Africa of it high educational standards.

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As such greatly increased interest if people applying for the institution. Statistics had proven that it gets a lot of applicants each year because of it educational standards.
About 500 Thousand  applicant’s choose the institution as their first choice each year.
But the sad truth remains that only a few gets admitted.
Catchment areas plays a crucial role in admission process.

Updated list of catchment areas In unilorin as of 2021

Below are the approved list of catchment areas for university of ilorin.

  1. Benue State
  2. Kebbi State
  3. Kogi State
  4. Kwara State
  5. Nasarawa State
  6. Plateau State
  7. Sokoto State
  8. Zamfara State.
If you fall on this states above them you have higher chance of getting admission.

What impact does have on admission

When issuing admission, candidates are being taken from the catchment areas more than other aspirants, this is to ensure that the indigenous settlers get admitted the most.
Lastly if you need further information on  the Updated list of catchment areas In unilorin you can make use of the comment box.
Updated list of catchment areas In unilorin


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