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Complete List of catchment areas in Abu Zaria

Catchment Areas In ABU Zaria

On this article we are going to list out the catchment areas for admadu ba Zaria university Zaria for 2020.

Most candidates must have heard of this catchment areas and has indeed shown great interest in seeking what it is.

Table of content

  1. What are catchment areas in Abu Zaria?
  2.  Updated list of catchment areas in ABU Zaria
  3. Privileges attached to this states.
  4. Possible resolution if not among the category.

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What are catchment areas in Abu Zaria

Catchment areas are states that have been mapped out and given special treatment or privileges when issuing admission into a particular institution.
This has been the major method of allocating admission into different institutions in Nigeria but this is mostly practiced in state Universities.

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The main purpose of adopting this system is to make sure the indigenous settlers and other neighboring states actually gets admitted into the institution.

Other reasons are to attract favor from other states , peaceful coexistence between the other states and lastly to the educational less developed states (ELDS).

Updated list of catchment areas in ABU Zaria

  1. Kaduna State
  2. Adamawa State
  3. Bauchi State
  4. Benue State
  5. Borno State
  6. Jigawa State
  7. Kano State
  8. Gombe State
  9. Kogi State
  10. Kwara State
  11. Katsina State
  12. Niger State
  13. Plateau State
  14. Sokoto State
  15. Nasarawa State
  16. Yobe State
  17. Zamfara State
  18. Taraba State.

But this does not mean that you will be admitted if you fail to get the recommended cutoff mark.

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Privileges attached to this states
The states listed above are the state itself, some neighboring states and some education less developed states.
This states are been given special previlages which other states do not have but this system could be alternated were everyone would be the same.

Most time candidates who fall under this category are been given lesser admission cut off from the normal cur off point
I.e the school might set up the general cut off of a particular course as 220 and they might be considered of they score 110.

Also they are mostly given more slots or spaces on admission distribution than the others.
(I.e) they might allocate five slots to every states not on the list of catchment areas and also allocate twenty (20) to every other states among the listed states.

This now tends to Be a great privilege to those listed among this area as they are now given more chances of been admitted.

What to do if you are not you on catchment areas in Abu Zaria

Most candidates loose interest when the find out about this process of distribution of admission and the number of candidates that applied for that institution or course because they now understand the struggles in getting admitted.

Moreover the fact still remains that this catchment areas is not applicable when you do not meet up to the expectations.
The little secret there is that you have to try as much as possible to meet up and possible go beyond to the expectations, in that way you will surely be admitted.

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