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Can I Study Medicine, Nursing, Law, engineering at Colleges of Education?

Its normal to ask what courses could be studied in college of education. This questions are usually been asked by jambites who just finished their utme examination.

First you have to understand what university, polytechnic and colleges are and also their system of education.

Usually when cutoff marks are been released for different institutions students who couldn’t meet up with the requirements tends to seek for other places in which they can be admitted into.

Nature of college of education

You have to know what college of education is all about and their mode of education.

Also you have to be aware that their are difference between professional courses and educational courses your can get a hint here.

Professional courses are only studied in universities and polytechnics such courses include medicine, pharmacy, nursing, engineering, law etc.

While educational courses are studied in university, polytechnic and colleges mose courses are educational courses. Some courses include physics, chemistry, mathematics etc.

So you can’t study medicine, law, engineering or any professional courses in a college of education.




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