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  • Procedures to check your JAMB admission status
  • How to print JAMB Admission letter

Most jambites do find it difficult to print their JAMB admission letter some also don’t even know if they have been admitted or not. On this article I will help you to understand the basic things you need to know on how to print your admission letter and check your admission status.
Firstly, the JAMB Admission letter is a document that certifies that you have been offered admission into any Higher Institution. Here is the procedure to follow to get your JAMB admission letter and check your JAMB admission status yourself.

What does the JAMB Admission Letter contain

Your JAMB Admission Letter contains information about the school you were offered admission into, the faculty,college, department, the degree you are pursuing and the duration of the course.

Without the JAMB Admission Letter, you cannot authentically prove to any body that you were offered admission into any higher institution in Nigeria. It is issued by Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), the official Educational board in Nigeria for Tertiary Institutions.
Some people may ask why do they need to print their JAMB Admission Letter?

Your JAMB Admission Letter is very important as it is usually required if:

  • You need to have rest of mind that your admission is secured and have evidence to back it up.
  • You need to successfully complete your admission registration and clearance process.
  • You need to be approved and deployed for the National Youth Service Programme (NYSC).
  • You need to successfully apply for a scholarship. Most Companies and Organizations will request for it.
  • You need to further your education locally or abroad.

So, your JAMB Admission Letter document is very important.It is therefore required of you to get your admission letter once you have confirmed your admission status.

Please Note: The first and important step in getting your JAMB admission letter is to check your admission status for the most recent year you wrote JAMB to ensure you have been admitted into your appropriate school and department. Once you have confirmed your admission status, then you can proceed to make payment for it and print.

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Procedure to Check Your JAMB Admission Status:

  • Visit the JAMB eFacility Portal.
  • login with your Email address or username and Password you used to create your JAMB Account earlier in the registration process.
    If you are getting the Invalid PIN Issue, it is possible that you didn’t enter the correct email used in your JAMB profile, or you left a space after entering your email. It could also be because you entered the wrong password It could also result from a JAMB server error or the use of a bad browser, Depending on the problem we recommend you use Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer and fill in your email address and password correctly.
  • If you have successfully login, your JAMB Candidates Dashboard will appear.then you scroll down to where you see Check Admission Status.
    Click on the Check Admission Status Menu.
  • Then You would be required to enter your Examination Year and JAMB Registration Number.
  • Then you check if you were admitted in to the school of your choice.If you are admitted, go ahead to Print Your JAMB Admission Letter.

If it says No Admission Given Yet, check back again as other batches of names may be added to the database of successfully admitted candidates.

How to Print Your JAMB Admission Letter

If you have already checked your JAMB Admission status, and you were given admission, you should get your JAMB admission letter as soon as possible. Here are the simple steps to take;

  • Before your can proceed, you will need to to login to the JAMB eFacility portal.
  • Login with your Email Address and Password
  • Then you Click on the Admission Letter tab under Services.
  • You will be required to make a payment of N1,000. Click on Continue to Payment.
    Click on Pay Now. Note that you will be deducted via the payment option you select (payment can be made via Remitta or MasterCard). Proceed to make payment. After your payment is confirmed, Admission letter will be sent to your email and then you will be able to access your admission letter.
  • Print your admission letter and file it for use when needed.

NB: Don’t forget to check your admission status first before you proceed to print your admission letter.


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